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Great Impressions October 2016

Why Use Our Professional Cleaning Service?

untitled-1Convenience and appearance are our best reasons. We can process all of your soiled clothing without you having to think twice about it, and you can spend your time doing the things you would rather be doing. Ironing is not only a time-consuming process but the results are usually not as sharp as the look you get from a professional team using professional pressing equipment.

Cleanliness is another reason. Home washers use water to clean clothing. While the detergents used in home washers can do a good job of eliminating some stains and create a general appearance of cleanliness, drycleaning solvents actually dissolve body oils and other grime that water cannot penetrate or remove.

Need more reasons? Professional stain removal. Button replacements. Time is more valuable than money these days, and we have the equipment to give your clothes a better cleaning than home equipment. We’re here to make your life easier and help you spend your time the way you want to.

It can take up to a half hour to separate a week’s worth of laundry into “light” and “dark” piles for washing at home. Add the time the machines take to do about four loads, and how long it takes to fold and sort and you’ve got an all-day affair on your hands. Add the stress and time of getting out the ironing board and you’re spending even more time on your clothing.

Our team is devoted to making sure your clothes look their best when you need them and we’re very grateful for your business

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